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Supreme court takes up case of cross on public land

The general notion is that America is a country founded on christian morals and ethics. There is reference to God in the Declaration of Independence. Our presidents take their oath with their hand on the Bible. The most recent Supreme Court justice even put her left hand on the Bible held by her mother at her swearing in. So if it is good enough for the goose why then is the gander put under such scrutiny? At issue is a white cross erected on top of a rocky outcrop in the Mojave Desert on public land – land owned by the government. The cross itself (when uncovered) honored World War I soldiers. The cross, however, has been covered in plywood for the past several years following federal court rulings that it violates the First Amendment. A former National Park Service employee, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, sued to have the cross removed or covered after the agency refused to allow erection of a Buddhist memorial nearby. Frank Buono describes himself as a practicing Catholic who has no objection to religious symbols, but he took issue with the government’s decision to allow the display of only the Christian symbol. Has the separation of church and state gone too far? Is this a land issue or a religious issue? Has the ACLU gone too far yet again? Is this the making of a litigation nightmare? GO!

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