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Suspicious person alert

The following story appeared in the 8.16.2011 print edition of The Herald-Gazette. We have now received another report on this person who went to a home on Jenkins Road in Monroe County and claimed to be selling children’s books. The public should be on alert for this man who is described as tall and thin with blonde hair and driving a tan, 4-door Ford Taurus. He gave his name as Raul. Here is the original story: The Herald Gazette has received a report that a suspicious man has gone door-to-door in the Redbone area, asking whether there are children at each residence. Dee Bowman, who lives on Brent Road, said the man is blonde, over six feet, has a European accent and drives a red car. He told Bowman’s husband that he was conducting a survey. She contacted the sheriff’s office, but they knew nothing about it but would watch for the man, Bowman said. ’He may be doing some legitimate survey of some kind,’ she said, ‘but in these times you don’t take any chances. I don’t want anybody’s child to disappear.’

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