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Tea Party organizers hope for big crowd

By Bob Heiney Penny McBroom was a woman on a mission. She had just come back from the Atlanta Tea Party with gal pals Wanda Dailey and Lynn McCollough and she was on fire. ’There is something dreadfully wrong with our country’, she declared. ‘We must stand up for God, country and our Constitution.’ McBroom, a Barnesville resident, felt a calling from God. Inspired by the hymn ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ she was determined to enlist an army of local volunteers to put together their own local Tea Party. They did so and it will be held Labor Day, Monday September 7, at Ritz Park from 7 – 9 p.m. McBroom reasoned a Barnesville Tea Party would give ordinary, working people an opportunity to hear the ‘truth’ about a number of hot issues before us today. What is the ‘truth?’ Tea Party organizer Wanda Dailey quickly answered, ‘We’ve got proof. For example, we sat down and read the 1,000 page health bill and wait till you hear what’s in it ‘“ it’s downright frightening.’ Cap and Trade, a complicated market and tax structure designed to reduce global warming, will also be explained and its effects on taxpayers will be presented. Local residents will speak on Fair Tax, states rights and other important topics. There will be some big names as well. John Oxendine, the state insurance commissioner, will speak on the health care crisis. He has spent 15 years at the insurance commission. Ray McBerry, a long time states rights advocate, will explain how Georgia residents will benefit from a return to Constitutional government, specifically the 10th Amendment. Former commissioner Gene Hardwick provided support and guidance to Tea Party organizers and will be on hand to meet and greet attendees. Board of education member Ryan Christopher will emcee the event. There will be prayer, music, speakers and opportunities to speak your mind. ’Tea Parties make America better,’ says McBroom. ’They give all Americans an opportunity to stand up for our rights and the U.S. Constitution.’ Pastors, police officers, elected officials and residents will find this to be a real eye-opener, say the organizers.

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