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The COVID excuse

I’m sorry but I’m tired of hearing how or why something can’t be accomplished – or, in some instances, even considered – due to COVID.

Earlier this year, a nice lady from a local institution of higher education spoke to a civic club meeting I attended. She arrived all masked up and proceeded to bring up ‘the pandemic’ eight times during her brief remarks as the reasons things were not going as well in her department as they had in the past.

At a local government meeting recently a city council member, whom I know to be an intelligent man, said, although the city is losing $100,000 a year on garbage collection, it should not consider raising garbage collection rates on its citizens to cover the shortfall. The reason: “We are still in a pandemic”.

That’s correct, COVID should require this municipality continue to lose $100,000 a year in taxpayer funds. Taxpayer funds!

Up in Atlanta, where thugs are gunning down themselves and the occasional innocent victim or bystander in record numbers, not one but two district attorneys blamed COVID for the violence. One of the appropriately-initialed DAs actually said this to a reporter in blaming the virus for the violence, “Some of these young black males are having a really hard time coming out of this pandemic.”

That answer is nonsensical at best and an outright lie at its core.

Perhaps the violence would diminish if these same DAs kept thugs, regardless of their skin color (yes, they come in all colors), behind bars rather than installing revolving doors in the courthouses. Cops are arresting the same people over and over again only to have them set free by prosecutors in short order.

And, they wonder why police morale is low.

In government and business, many who have been working from home for two years are quitting their jobs rather than going back to the office when mandated to do so. Apparently, COVID spared them but killed their work ethic.

As I write this, my 89-year-old mother is getting over the virus. She shook it off. You can, too.

COVID, like the poor and Johnson grass, will be with us always.

Quit making excuses, suck it up and get back to business!

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