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The curmudgeon speaks…

Yeah, I’m getting to be that guy.

You know, the grumpy old man we used to joke about when we were young. He was the one who said, “Boy, I’ve seen a lot of changes in my time on this earth and I was against every damn one of them.”

The older I get, the more pet peeves I collect. Here is a sampling.

I still pay most of my bills by writing checks. Many of those bills arrive with a return envelope and a portion of the bill that is perforated and is to be returned with the check.

Without fail, these perforations are so poorly done that scissors are required. Many times, once I have cut along the dotted line, the return portion of the bill won’t fit into the envelope provided and requires folding.

Where is the quality control on that sort of thing? Is no one paying attention?

Plastic packaging is another bane of my existence. It is by far the worst on over the counter medications. Instead of a bottle with 12 pills in it, you get 12 pills locked behind individual little plastic bubbles made out of kevlar. These package designers make the envelope/perforation folks look like Einsteins. The pills are almost impossible to get to without an Xacto knife, scalpel or some other sharp instrument.

It also seems that the more critically needed the medication is (an anti-diarrheal, for example) the harder it is to get into. Why?

As a person who was well schooled on grammar, Latin, verb conjugation, diagramming sentences, etc., the grammar used on social media makes me cringe. Those with an item they want to get rid of are usually the worst. So, here are some tips.

Those ‘slighty used’ clothes you want to ‘rehome’ because you put on 50 pounds during the pandemic are for sale not for sell.

Examples of proper marketing grammar include:

My truck is for sale. I would like to sell my truck. Would you like to buy my truck? Does anybody have a truck for sale? Does anyone have a truck they would like to sell?

And, finally; I sold my truck. (Note the word done is not to be used before the word sold in that final example.)

Congratulations on selling your truck.

Make sure they write you a check. Curmudgeons don’t trust CashApp, Zelle, PayPal and all that new-fangled junk.

Stay off my lawn!

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