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The moisture is back

I got to spend all day Saturday in the woods. It was a rare occasion. I love the outdoors but spend much less time there now than I used to due to family and business responsibilities. In this instance, I was trekking through a beautiful pine plantation in Crawford County with a shotgun on my shoulder. Strong briar britches kept my legs from getting scratched up and sturdy boots kept my feet dry.Yes, the ground was wet ‘“ and this was before the drenching weekend rains. It did not rain at all on us outside Knoxville Saturday.The birds seemed to chirp a little louder and the squirrels appeared to have a little more energy with water on the ground and coursing through the creeks and streams.Georgia has been plagued by drought for what seems like the past 10 years but I am here to tell you the moisture is back.Every little tire track in the woods was filled with water. The dirt roads we traveled were slick with mud.Wet weather springs were gushing, the siphon system outlet behind the dam on one large lake was shooting a steady stream and the woods just had the healthy look they get when water is in abundance.This was not low, swampy land either. Even the hillsides and tops were wet.It did my heart good to see it. We’ve contended with red clay dust for far too long.We have had rains over the past several months. It has not been enough to lift us completely out of a drought designation but things are much better than they have been.Even embattled Lake Lanier is on the mend.The U.S. Drought Monitor has this area classified as being in a moderate drought condition but, after all the rain this past weekend, I would not be surprised to see us released from that list.I am skeptical of all the global warming panic. Some parts of the world are warmer than they used to be and some parts are cooler. Maybe it is just part of the aging process, but our winters seem colder to me than they ever have.Friday is the first day of Spring. I welcome it.Here’s hoping it will be a wet one.

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