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The wrong track

The Augusta Chronicle ’Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.’ ’“ John F. Kennedy Your world changed. Overnight. There can be little doubt that America will be a different country in the years ahead than it has been historically. New rails have been laid on the collectivist track we’ve been put on, and the engineer has been told to go full speed ahead. How goofy is this: NBC reports that a majority of voters polled after they voted Tuesday said the country is ‘seriously off on the wrong track.’ But they voted to stay on it! The class-envy mentality that encourages taking from others and expanding government handouts has been given a green light ‘“ just two years after a 2010 election in which the country was lurched in the opposite direction, toward fiscal sanity and self-reliance. That’s a nation that doesn’t know what it stands for. At best, what it stands for has changed utterly, and perhaps unalterably. John F. Kennedy’s legendary inaugural exhortation to think of country first has been flipped on its head. Today, we are encouraged to ask what our country can do for us, with money borrowed from our children and those yet to be born. That’s immoral. A country, by the way, that is already $16 trillion in debt and facing $60 trillion or more in future costs for Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid and other promises. A country in which nearly half the population pays no federal income taxes ‘“ many of whom actually receive payments, money taken from a shrinking productive class. A country facing huge tax increases so deftly hidden in the weeds of the thousands of pages of Obamacare that few see them coming. Those around the world who see only a telegenic, charismatic leader who diminishes and downplays America’s role in the world may celebrate, but perhaps unaware of what his promised fundamental transformation of this country may end up looking like. Those world citizens whose lifestyles depend on a strong America may end up not liking the new transformation after all. This country is not on a sustainable track. It is on the same track that is taking Western Europe over the edge. It turns out that we’re no more resistant to the allure of ‘other people’s money.’ At some point, as Margaret Thatcher warned about the pitfalls of socialism, we will run out of other people’s money. That day has only been pushed closer.

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