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There’s ghosts about in old Carter’s building

By Rachel McDaniel Buildings formerly used by Carter’s Mill off Carleeta Street, now filled with all types of items for sale, may have more than just customers roaming the 197,000 square feet of space. According to the employees and owners, strange voices and smells can be sensed and surveillance videos pick up strange white orbs almost every night. ’The reason we put the cameras up was because items were getting moved around after closing,’ said Angela Ball who has worked for building owner Mike Jackson for more than 20 years. ‘They would think something was missing but then they would find it somewhere else in the warehouse.’ The first building, which was initially built in the late 1890s by Collier’s Mill, was enlarged as needed by Carter’s, with more buildings added to existing structures in the 1920s, 1940s and 1950s. Employees say in addition to hearing footsteps and seeing the strange orbs on surveillance footage that the aroma of breakfast cooking can be smelled. ’If you come here early in the morning you can smell breakfast cooking,’ said Mike Darnell who served as head of maintenance for the mill from 1987 to 2003 when the mill shut down. ‘Back in the 1940s, there was a place where they served meals for the workers – breakfast, lunch and dinner.’ He said all sorts of noises can be heard in the buildings – both when they are occupied by customers and when they are empty. ’Early one morning, I heard three people walking up and down upstairs. I got a shovel and went to see who it was and there wasn’t a soul there,’ said Darnell. Ball, who said she is skeptical of ghostly encounters, said the footage of the strange white orbs is unusual and unexplainable. ’At first I thought everyone was crazy,’ she said. ‘Sometimes you can see that it’s a moth in the surveillance footage, but when you see the orbs moving so quickly and in all different directions, that’s creepy.’ The building’s old structures and sometimes scary spaces have even been examined by movie location scouts. ’The crew came to see the building and they loved the spooky stairwells,’ said Jackson. ‘They told us not to clean them and they may come use them for filming.’ Despite the paranormal activity in the building, employees don’t feel threatened and think the sounds are just of workers doing their daily duties at the mill – just in a time long since passed.

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