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Third mystery death probed; coroner thinks they’re related

Sheriff’s investigators are probing their third mystery death in two days and, while they have not yet formally linked the three, coroner Jim Smith feels they are related and likely the result of drug abuse. The day after the first two deaths, those of Cindy Sanderson Moore and Dee Glover, 42-year-old Lewis Randall Reagan was found dead in his residence at 335 Howard Road. Sheriff Larry Waller reported the three cases have not yet been linked but noted his officers did take Reagan’s wife to a local hospital for observation just in case. After his own investigation, the coroner disagrees and had strong words for those in the community who abuse illegal drugs. “Be careful what you purchase on the streets. There is a good chance all three of these people frequented the same dealer,” Smith warned. Waller said autopsies on Moore and Glover did not turn up an obvious cause of death. Smith said toxicology results, which won’t be back for weeks, will tell the tale. He said he had confirmed Moore and Glover were in possession of morphine patches, having picked them up at a local drug store the day before they died. LCSO official news release which was circulated 2:51 p.m. Friday: At 6:58 a.m. on Wednesday, October 21, Deputies answered a call at 1269 Hwy 41` South. Found unresponsive and transported to the Monroe County Hospital was Cynthia Moore white female, age 44 of that same address. Ms. Moore was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Deputies questioned family members in the home and there was no indication of additional problems at the home. State law requires an autopsy on bodies that have suffered unattended deaths to determine the cause of death. About three hours later Deputies were again called to the same residence for the same report and upon arrival found Dee Dee Glover white female, age 38 unresponsive. EMT’s called to the scene determined that the second victim in the house was also dead. Ms. Glover was taken along with the body of Ms. Moore to the Georgia Crime Lab. Autopsies were performed on both victims, but they produced no obvious cause of death. Rumors were circulated in the community that there is an amount of toxic drugs that have been sold on the street. Sheriff Waller said that we have no evidence of that, but there are no safe illegal drugs. All drug offenses, other than marijuana in quantities of less than one ounce are felonies and the end result is always ruined lives, destroyed futures, and sometimes death. On Thursday, October 22, in a case that has thus far been unrelated, Deputies received a third call, this time to 335 Howard Road. Upon arrival Deputies found Mr. Lewis Randall Reagan, white male, age 42 of that address, unresponsive and EMT’s dispatched determined that he too was dead. His body is being taken, Friday morning, to the Georgia State Crime Lab for an autopsy, but at the time of this writing, preliminary results of the third autopsy have not been received. Because of the similarity of this case to the two earlier cases, Mrs. Reagan was taken to Upson County Hospital for evaluation of her possibility of exposure to any possible toxins. The investigation is continuing on all three deaths and also of the question of the substances that may have been ingested. Sheriff Waller re-emphasized, ‘There is no safe dope, no matter where it originates, who sells it, or how much you have to pay for it. It destroys the lives of the users, their families, and results in the tragic deaths of so many people. We ask that you join the fight to rid Lamar County of the drug plague. Call the anonymous TIP line, (770)358-8881, and give any information you may have. You may save the life of a loved one and help put a drug dealer in prison. No one needs to fear these people, only develop the resolve to do something.’

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