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This, that and the other

By Walter Geiger This, that and the other’ was an expression my grandmother used and it describes this piece – a collection of observations and oddities from the past week or so – well. First up, in the people are their own worst enemies department, is a strange tale from south Monroe County. Two brothers-in-law, ne’erdo- wells who lived with parents despite having survived three or four decades, went out clubbing while other family members were away. Drunk, they successfully navigated their way home but then made the tragic decision to call an escort service. The men, who were white, engaged the services of a 16-yearold black prostitute whom they were to meet at a convenience store. On the way, they drove into a ditch but walked the rest of the way to the store and agreed to let the hooker and her three male friends, all under age 20, drive them back home. The brothers-in-law got bullets to the head for their efforts. The four teens got a few electronics, murder charges and most likely will rot in prison at taxpayer expense for the remainder of their lives. All six made bad decisions and paid or will pay dearly for them. ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ Girls are fascinating, which will come as no surprise to you heterosexual males out there. They are also wired differently. On Sunday morning, our youngest daughter’s soccer team played in Henry County in the rain. It was a hard-fought contest, the officials lost control and pushing and shoving grew more common as the game wore on. Suddenly there was a confrontation. An opposing player hit one of our girls and a slap fight ensued before the referee intervened. Our player, a mud-splattered seventh grader, claimed victory – an assessment with which I concurred. Just five hours later, the same girl, resplendent in a black dress, sat at a baby grand piano and flawlessly performed Bach’s Solfeggietto at recital. Way to go Riley Fuller. ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ Finally, a little humor from the police blotter from a neighboring county that gives you some idea of what sort of people live among us and what our law enforcement folks have to deal with on a daily basis. A woman called 911 to report she had just sat down in her car and her steering wheel, pedals and radio had been stolen. She was told to sit tight for help was on the way. A deputy was dispatched and, upon arriving at the scene, found the theft victim. She was sitting in the back seat of her car. They drive among us. Beware. Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of the Herald Gazette.

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