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Time to take Irma seriously; grand jurors need not report

Barnesville’s transformation over the summer into Wind Gap may have been prophetic as the vast majority of the Hurricane Irma tracking data from early Friday morning brings the storm directly over our area. GRAND JURORS: Those summoned for duty on the Lamar County grand jury and traverse jury Monday and Tuesday need not report until Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Watch for further developments on this. Chamber officials have canceled the Buggy Days Almost Anything Goes and Kids Night events that were set for Tuesday evening here. Gordon State College is shutting down at noon today and will be closed Monday and Tuesday. A lengthier shutdown of the campus is possible. UPDATE: LAMAR COUNTY SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY AND TUESDAY. St. George’s in Milner will close Monday but has deferred any decision on Tuesday classes. UPDATE 2: STATEMENT FROM SRE: Southern Rivers Energy is closely monitoring the path of Hurricane Irma and contingency plans are in place. Trucks and materials are stocked and our crews are ready to respond to outages. Rest assured we are prepared but we urge our members and the community as a whole to take this seriously and have a plan in place in the event that Irma causes extensive damage and widespread outages. We will release a schedule for providing updates to the media the membership on Monday after we have a better idea of how our territory will be affected. SRE members need to save the Outage Hotline in their phones and use it to report outages or downed power lines: 866-244-4890. Please stay away from any downed power lines or trees/limbs that are touching them. We appreciate everyone’s support and cooperation as we brace for Hurricane Irma. ************ UPDATE 3: All Lamar County government offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday. ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ Irma is a large, dangerous storm. Though it is likely to weaken before it gets this far, it may still cause problems. Rain will roll in here late Sunday night or very early Monday with just under four inches forecast. Wind speeds will build Monday, with the current forecast topping out with winds of 53 mph. at dusk. Models can and will change but it is time to take this seriously. Those of us at The Herald Gazette and will be constantly monitoring the situation. Check back often for updates.

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