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‘Tis better to give…

We are all aware that in this economy it is hard to keep a positive attitude and even a sense of purpose about us. According to Arthur C. Brooks, professor of public administration at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and donor demographic researcher for almost 15 years, nearly 225 million Americans give away money each year, the other 75 million never give to any causes, charities, or churches. Further, 130 million Americans never volunteer their time. These numbers are staggering and beg the question to be asked, “why should I give?” Says Brooks, “the value of charity is not limited to those who receive the services that giving makes possible. Charity unleashes enormous benefits not only to the givers themselves but also to their families, communities, and the nation. Everyone understands that charitable organizations created value by providing for the needy. What many organizations misunderstand is who the ‘needy’ truly are. In addition to those in need of food, shelter, education, the needy are also those who need to give to attain their full potential in happiness, health, and material prosperity’”which is every one of us.’ And now an opportunity to give in a minor way has made itself evident. One of our cities animal protection and care groups, Dolly Goodpuppy Society, Inc, is in desperate need of collars, leashes, and bowls (preferably the metal kind). Larger gifts include kennel runs, crates, food, and treats. Towels are also appreciated because every dog taken from the pound needs a bath. Dolly Goodpuppy is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and a Department of Agriculture Licensed Rescue. Contributions are tax deductible.

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