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To my grandson James

By Ann Mann

This letter is for my grandson James. It will be the first of many letters. I am not sure if the letters are for you, or for me. Even so, I want to write them. So, these next several columns are some promises I want to make to you, sweet baby James, and some lessons I have learned as a parent to your mom (and your uncle.)

 I want to start with a promise. I promise to always love you. Period. I take my cue from my Lord and Savior. Scripture says in Romans 8:35, 37-39 that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Nothing will change the way I love you. It is unconditional.

I loved you even before you took your first breath. I have loved the idea of you since I married your grandfather, Kim. Until I met Kim, I had given up on finding a man to love and cherish all of my life. And having children and grandchildren were not something I imagined.

My career had become my focus. While I had dated plenty of men, the relationships never lasted for one reason or another (that will be the subject of many letters, when you are older.)

I was working as a television news anchor, and loved my job. Working in the news business was all consuming. So, focusing on my career seemed like a good idea. Perhaps I couldn’t have both a job and a loving relationship? That’s what I thought, until I met Kim.

The first time I met him, something shifted inside of me. I knew this was the man I would marry. And in that spark of young love, I began to imagine a different kind of life. A life filled with children, and hopefully grandchildren. So, James, you are a dream come true.

Your mom had similar dreams. She married right out of college to her first love. She had dreams of a home and a family. But sometimes dreams don’t work out the way we hope. And so, her dream was deferred.

Then she met your Dad. He is the most loving and giving man. The way he loves your Mom warms my heart. I am so glad you will grow up in a house filled with so much love and respect between a husband and wife.

They send me videos of the three of you playing and cuddling, and I know they love you even more than I do (if that is possible.) But here is what I want to make sure you know. As much as they love you, as much as I love you, we can never love you as much as God loves you. God will always love you, and so will I.  

 (Ann Mann is an Emmy Award winning journalist, now serving as pastor to Barnesville First United Methodist Church. Her email is

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