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Traylor not reappointed to LCRSWA; forensic audit shot down for now

In a heated, chaotic session before a packed meeting room, the Lamar County commission took multiple votes on issues regarding the Lamar County Regional Solid Waste Authority. At one point there were three motions on the table at once. At another time, three motions to table previous motions were on the table simultaneously.

When they smoke had cleared, the commission had:

•TABLED the reappointment of Ryran Traylor to the LCRSWA.

•TABLED calling for a forensic audit of the LCRSWA.

•AGREED to hire conflict counsel to determine if they have the power to call for an audit or otherwise supervise the LCRSWA.

•TABLED a motion to ask the sheriff, district attorney, GBI and FBI to conduct a forensic audit of the LCRSWA. Commissioner Jason Lovett said he had been threatened after he began looking into the finances of the LCRSWA.

Highlights of the discussion during the public comments segment:

Tom Rauch: “This whole thing with the solid waste authority has all the earmarks of something not on the up and up.”

Beth Pearce (directed at Traylor and commissioner Nancy Thrash who is also a member of the LCRSWA): “You should have recused yourselves . That fact that you did not is a crying shame. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We will be looking into recalling you.”

James Hyde: “You need to remove all members of the LCRSWA and replace them with people who can read and understand the law.”

Mike Maddox: “We used to be able to take two tons of trash per year to our landfill. Now, we are turned away. A lot of that trash is now on the side of the road. The county is turning into the landfill.”… “Watch out when they start tabling stuff. You table stuff to cover it up.”

For much more on this story, see the 12.26.23 print edition of The Herald Gazette.

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