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Truby’s Trojan Tidbits: Superintendent gives report on schools (part 2)

Interesting info. Here are a few news items that caught my attention recently. In the last 10 years the free breakfast program has doubled nationally, but millions are still coming to school without getting any meal before the first bell rings. Research tells us that the use of sleeping pills for teens has tripled in the last 10 years. Yet, FDA has approved nothing for sleep for 18-year olds, or younger. A new study shows that success or failure as an adult can be predicted by tracking students through middle school. Paint ball is a lot of fun, but not injury free. Lifetime eye injuries are happening more frequently. According to research, the biggest risk teenagers face online is not adult predators, but other kids – people who are both sexually curious and explicit. What is the single best way for kids to get ready for that big test? Get a good night’s sleep. Neurologists at Penn have learned that the enzymes needed to store information in long term memory don’t turn on until we turn off the lights and fall asleep. In a couple of months, teens will be looking for those summer jobs. As you might expect, many of those jobs are being taken by adults out of work. Who knows what the impact of that will be? Relay for Life Our schools are busy preparing for the May 1 Relay for Life. I hope the rest of Lamar County is as excited as we are about working together, having fun, and making an impact. Get a team together, or join one of ours. We will field five teams again this year. Attend the meth conference There is going to be a major conference here in Barnesville on the topic of Meth use and abuse. I encourage every adult to attend. I recently heard a story of a parent whose daughter had been addicted for months ‘“ and she never suspected a thing. Grades dipped, energy abated, and sleep habits changed – but who knew why? No one can afford to take this topic lightly. SAT online prep course Students who used the free SAT online Prep Course averaged 48 points higher than students who did not use it. It is Practice does help. Encourage reading Research is showing that kids are not reading like they used to. An NEA report showed that a mere 30% of 13-year olds read for fun daily ‘“ a number that has been shrinking. Too, 13% said they never read for fun. Adults weren’t much better, averaging only 22 minutes a day voluntarily reading anything. School website updates I hope you are taking advantage of the opportunity to keep current with grades and school information through and our school system web site ‘“ Additionally you can review EOCT and other state tests at Parent Nights Parent Nights have been set up in every building with all kinds of ways for parents and students to get information, help, and even training. Our Trojan Learning Center will have a special event on Tuesday, April 14, 5-6 p.m. The high school will have its next Parent Night on Thursday, April 16, 5:30-8 p.m. Parental involvement and knowledge: Keys to student success. Trojan family losses The Trojan family has had many losses this year, even the very lives of our employees and their family members. These events remind us of the brevity and frailty of life. They also remind us of how many people need our smiles, tangible resources, and prayers. Thus, we covet yours.

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