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Two busted for taking drugs to jail

Holiday weekends, like full moons, often lead to unusual behavior and that was certainly true for the Labor Day weekend and personnel at the local jail. Two people were arrested for carrying drugs into the facility despite multiple warning signs. On September 1, Sgt. Taylor Bannister of the jail division staff contacted Sgt. Michael Newman about two black straws containing suspected methamphetamine. The straws were taken to the jail along with a salad delivered for an inmate who is a trustee soon headed to prison. The substance tested positive for meth and surveillance video was reviewed. From the video, investigators determined Tammy Carter, 59, of Barnesville brought the salad to the jail. The trustee had told another inmate that he was going to get some meth before he went to prison. Carter was arrested on charges of possession of meth and crossing guard lines with contraband. On September 3, Dep. Michael Brayton was summoned to the jail regarding a male subject attempting to bond out a prisoner who reeked of burnt marijuana. He arrived and also smelled the odor emanating from 44-year-old Taivo D. Pitts of Griffin who was talking to a bonding company representative. He escorted Pitts outside, pointed out the guard line signs and confronted him about the odor. He advised Pitts he was subject to search and seizure while on the jail premises. Brayton spotted a plastic bag in Pitts’ pocket. It contained 4.4 grams of powder cocaine packed in eight different bags for apparent resale. Also located on Pitts’s person was a quantity of ecstasy and a marijuana blunt. He was arrested on charges of crossing guard lines with contraband, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a Schedule I controlled substance and possession of marijuana. ’You just can’t make this stuff up,’ sheriff White said of the incidents.

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