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Two sentenced for vandalizing graves in Greenwood Cemetery

By Walter Geiger Two local men were sentenced to probation Oct. 6 for a vandalism spree in Barnesville’s Greenwood Cemetery that left statuary at nine grave sites damaged. Adam Ross Porfirio and Dalton Joseph Miller entered guilty pleas to one count each of second degree criminal damage to property before Judge Bill Fears. They damaged a statue at the grave of Rev. Carlton Thomas Piper; a dolphin statue at the grave of Newton Wilson; an angel statue at the grave of Clifton Gibson; a flower vase at the Williams plot; an angel statue at the grave of Sarah Ritchie; a statue of a little girl at the grave of Melvin Clarence Eason; a saint statue at the final resting place of Kevin McLeod; an angel statue at the grave of Edward Whittington; and a vase at the grave of Chester Arthur Cauthen. Their destructive rampage took place on Aug. 17, 2015. Porfirio and Miller each got three years probation. They must perform 80 hours of community service and pay restitution in the amount of $1602. Miller was ordered to get his GED. Porfirio claimed to have a GED and was ordered to provide proof of it to his probation officer. They were also banned from Greenwood Cemetery. Judge Fears questioned each of the men at sentencing as to why they vandalized the graves. ’I believe I was having a bad day. I felt better after I hit the first one,’ Miller said. ‘I can’t honestly tell you, sir. It was a spur of the moment thing,’ Porfirio replied. Judge Fears also asked Porfirio about the t-shirt he wore to court which appeared to bear the image of some sort of demon. ’Why in the world would you wear a shirt like that to court for sentencing in a case like this,’ the judge asked. Porfirio claimed the shirt was the best clothing he had available for his court appearance.

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