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U.S. House Dist. 3 results: Westmoreland rolls

Realtime results from this race follow. If you are not a subscriber, you may gain access by clicking the line of red type just above the Giant Mart ad on the homepage that reads, “First Time Users Sign Up HERE!” If you subscribe to the print edition, you can enter using data from the mailing label on your printed paper. Others can sign up using a credit card. DISTRICT UPDATE: At 11:05 p.m. Westmoreland rolled to an easy win with 71.59% of the vote. Flanegan second at 14.54% and Kingsley third at 13.87%. District 1, First Baptist Church: Kent Kinglsey: 35 Chip Flanegan: 13 Lynn Westmoreland: 68 District 2A, Chappell Mill: Kent Kinglsey: 63 Chip Flanegan: 29 Lynn Westmoreland: 91 District 2B, Senior Center: Kent Kinglsey: 45 Chip Flanegan: 18 Lynn Westmoreland: 98 District 2C, Redbone: Kent Kinglsey: 36 Chip Flanegan: 15 Lynn Westmoreland: 108 District 3, Service Center: Kent Kinglsey: 174 Chip Flanegan: 60 Lynn Westmoreland: 258 District 4, Milner: Kent Kinglsey: 207 Chip Flanegan: 78 Lynn Westmoreland: 285 Advance: Kent Kinglsey: 234 Chip Flanegan: 53 Lynn Westmoreland: 361 Absentee: Kent Kinglsey: 23 Chip Flanegan: 8 Lynn Westmoreland: 50 Total: Kent Kinglsey: 817 Chip Flanegan: 274 Lynn Westmoreland: 1319

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