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United States Census 2010: Annual estimates show slight growth

With the 2010 Census coming up, the U.S. Census Bureau has released its annual estimates of population as of July 2008. The figures indicate Lamar County saw a slight growth over the past eight years after the 2000 Census was adjusted. In 2000, Lamar’s population was set at 15,912. As of last summer it was believed to be exactly 17,000. The Census Bureau said Lamar had grown to 16,342 people in 2001; dropped to 16,139 in 2002; rose again to 16,247 in 2003 and 16,299 in 2004; jumped to 16,581 in 2005 then 16,593 in 2006. Another big jump came in 2007 when the population was set at 16,909. By comparison, Butts County grew from 19,522 in 2000 to 24,423 people last year; Pike County jumped from 13,688 to 17,569; and Spalding went from 58,417 to 63,913. Alone among adjoining counties, Upson’s population fell from 27,597 to 27,530.

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