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Vigil draws crowd; sparks controversy

A vigil downtown Tuesday evening in remembrance of the Newtown, CT. shooting victims drew a crowd of about 150 participants to the B-LC Library but also stirred controversy. About 20 of those in attendance left the event when gun owners and the National Rifle Association were criticized from the podium. Paul Daly, a native of Newtown now living in Barnesville, was one of those who left in disgust. “I’m not going to stand around and have the deaths of those poor children politicized. This about the kids not politics,” Daly said. Daly is featured in the December 18 print edition of The Herald-Gazette. Katherine McHan, also of Barnesville, submitted these remarks: ”I went to the candlelight vigil this evening, along with many others, solely for the purpose of praying for & honoring the victims of the Newtown tragedy. Mayor Peter Banks gave the opening remarks, followed by a prayer from Pastor Dana Overton-Garrett. Dr. Bill Truby recited a beautiful message that brought many a tear. Then, remarks by Ellen Granum brought a whole new tone to the event when she voiced her tirade against the NRA & the sale of assault weapons. When she passed a petition  to that effect, myself & several others left. I saw people shaking their heads & heard “disgusting” muttered several times. These poor souls are not even buried yet, & someone has the nerve to voice their political ideology at a prayer memorial. Where has our sense of decency gone?”

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