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Vintage Santa letters from some folks you may know

From The Herald Gazette archives: Dear Santa: I want a stuffed Ewok. Also a speak and spell and some cars. That’s all. By the way, how is Rudolph doing? Merry Christmas Santa. (Sheriff) Brad White 1981 Dear Santa: I can hardly wait for Christmas. I am in third grade. I want a four-wheeler for Christmas and some cars. (Chief) Douglas Matthews 1994 Dear Santa: How are you this year and your reindeer? I have tried to be a good girl this year. Now I will tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a radio with earphones. I want it to have AM & FM. There is something else, too. I want a typewriter and a calculator. And that is what I want for Christmas. Jodi McIntosh (Kidd) 1981 Dear Santa: I have been good. I would like a doll. Please remember Mama. Holly Bostwick (Murray) 1981 (now on the Griffin city council) Dear Santa: My name is Douglas. My brother’s name is William. We hope you come to our house Christmas. We will be sad if you don’t. William will cry. Please bring us a train and a MASK truck. Douglas Tuttle 1986 First grade

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