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Volunteers needed for community garden

Interested in taking part in a community garden? If so, there is a place for you. The idea was first pitched to the Lamar County Family Connections Collaborative two months ago by coroner Jim Smith, who helped with a similar garden at Pinewoods Center last year. Plans are to break ground by mid-April. So, Renee English of the Barnesville Housing Authority, Maggie Moreland, Smith, Niall Mathieson and Linda Brutz got together and, in the course of one meeting, managed to hammer out details such as land, seed and equipment donations and even water. ’Dr. Mark Fink has agreed to let us use his property behind the Dairy Queen and the police department,’ said English. ‘Barnesville will allow us the use of water and a local business or two have agreed to help acquire plants and seeds.’ The community garden effort is open to anyone and volunteers are needed, as are donations of gardening tools, someone to till and plow the site and, hopefully, fencing to help cut down foot traffic in the area. ’We’re not going to cultivate the entire space,’ she said. ‘We’re going to start small this year and go from there, measure our success and even look at other locations. For a community garden, we need community involvement. Donations will help. Business are willing to do so much but they’re not going to provide it all.’ Initial plans call for those who actually work on the garden to get first pick of the produce. The excess will be sold for a nominal amount to help support the program or given away. ’Fresh produce is out of the question financially for many people so a community garden is good for people,’ said English. ‘Let’s work together for the benefit of all.’ Interested? If so, contact any of the organizers to offer your help.

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