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Walking Dead liven up Milner

By Kay S. Pedrotti The ‘walker stalkers’ camped out for hours in Milner city park finally were rewarded last week with appearances from some of the actors in ‘The Walking Dead,’ an AMC-TV series filmed in Milner for about seven days. Norman Reedus, who is the character ‘Daryl,’ was the first to talk to fans and sign autographs. His appearance was followed by ‘Tyreese,’ actor Chad Coleman. Brandie Matthews, coowner of Milner’s newest restaurant, The Breakfast Counter, said many of the film crew came to eat breakfast every day but ‘had to sneak in the back door’ to keep avid followers away. The patrons have been from wardrobe, makeup, production and other positions with the company and even included the grandmother who accompanies a child actor. Dave Matthews said The Pit Stop, an auto parts store, also has had purchases by the visitors. ’I don’t know why people would get upset because they can’t get to watch the filming,’ Brandie Matthews said. ‘Some of the people told us even their families, if they even get looks at the production, have to sign agreements not to talk about what they’ve seen. It makes sense to me to keep the episodes secret for the television viewers.’ Amanda Findley, Brandie’s daughter and a server at the restaurant, said she got a $13 tip for a hamburger one day ‘“ ‘that doesn’t sound like they aren’t spending money in Milner.’ Sandi Clark at The Pork Pit said she has had ‘a few’ come in from the Walking Dead crew. ’Some of them were really being awful, teasing us about how we talk,’ she said. Louise Phillipi, who said she just likes to hang out with her Milner friends, said her whole household likes the Walking Dead series and has watched it from the beginning. She was in the park when Reedus was there and was still excited the next day. ‘We’ve all heard that most all of them think Milner is a nice little town,’ Brandie said. ‘One of the guys is going to look for a house here at the end of the season, he said.’

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