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Waller: Deaths accidental but tied to drugs

Sheriff Larry Waller has announced that preliminary crime lab results on four unexplained deaths had been called into his office. The four suspicious deaths of, Cynthia Moore, age 44, Dee Dee Glover, age 38, Lewis Randall Reagan, age 42, and Donna E. Giroux, age 48 were reported here within a week. Speculation as to the causes was common and stories of ‘bad dope’ on the streets were told. In fact each of the victims’ deaths was accidental at their own hands, poisoned by ‘bad dope’. These people did not intend to take their own lives and they all left behind loved ones who will miss them. The ‘bad dope ‘ was not bad by design, but these and so many others abused the pain suppression power of the drugs to get a euphoric high, where the problems they faced were erased for a time. The drugs were fentanyl, hydrocodone, and oxycodone, very powerful drugs that perform well when used appropriately. Photographs of some of these victims were withheld because they were victims and their families did not deserve the hurt that it would have caused. Now that we really know what happened, it can be seen that the speculation about these four victims was unwarranted. Sheriff Waller commented, ‘In America one of our most basic Constitutional rights is to have a trial by jury of one’s peers and had there been a criminal case with a connection between the deaths, so much public attention would have made finding a jury, where no one had heard or had an opinion on the case, difficult if not impossible. Innocent until proven guilty is a right that transcends the courtroom and goes to every part of the criminal justice system.’ Sheriff Waller also said ‘Thank you for your patience as we waited for the forensic analysis of these cases.’ ‘Our role in law enforcement requires objectivity and permits no embellishment or speculation. ‘Our objective investigations continue unaffected by the speculation. Every law enforcement officer takes an oath of office to enforce the law; our duty demands no less and without exception our story cannot be made public until it can be taken into a court of law.’ The real story is the current abusive use of prescription drugs. Unscrupulous doctors prescribe medications to unscrupulous patients who get giant prescriptions filled by unscrupulous pharmacists and then the patients become dealers who sell their wares for huge profits. The epidemic of prescription drug abuse is almost as severe the epidemic of illegal drugs. Please educate your children now before they fall into the same trap that these four did. Once started it is almost impossible to get out of the trap and invariably it leads to multiple drug usage, loss of health, and loss of life. These four people were victims; and we must, as a community, have the resolve to say ‘no more’ and support law enforcement as we work to eradicate drug abuse in our community. With your help, we can, so let’s get the dealers off the street. All street dope is bad and there are no responsible dealers. The public’s eyes and ears are the key; if it were a murder case everyone who knew who the killer was would call. Drug dealers are killers; they have no remorse and, as do all predators, look for the weakest victim. Please call the TIP line 770-358-8881 and help get a dealer before he gets to one of your children. These victims did not want to die either, but with drug abuse someone always does.

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