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Washington St. shooting victim is dead

Barnesville police investigators responded to the scene of a shooting on Washington St. Wednesday night and were still there early Thursday morning, according to investigator Al Moltrum. Meanwhile, the victim has died from a gunshot wound. UPDATE 2: Coroner Jim Smith confirmed the identity of the victim as Deontez Turnipseed, approximately 25 years of age. Witnesses said the house had a room divided into two sleeping areas by a curtain. The individual on one side of the curtain was playing with a gun that went off striking Turnipseed on the other side of the curtain. Authorities have not confirmed this account. Smith said the bullet went through Turnipseed’s arm between the wrist and elbow and into his chest. He died overnight at the hospital. A GBI crime scene crew was on the scene at the home Thursday morning. ********** UPDATE: Moltrum confirmed the victim has died and that it is too early to tell if the shooting was accidental, as some claim, or intentional. Friends and neighbors have identified the victim as Deontez Turnipseed but authorities have not yet confirmed that identification or identified any suspects. ********** Details are sketchy but there apparently was one victim and one person taken into custody. A medical evacuation helicopter landed behind the BPD headquarters about 9 p.m. but took off without the shooting victim who apparently was transported in an ambulance. The victim was thought to be a black male. Lamar coroner Jim Smith reported at 10:10 p.m. that he was unaware of a fatality. Witnesses said a man was shot in the arm and the bullet went into his chest. Authorities have not confirmed that account. The shooting took place at a dilapidated shotgun house located at #3 Washington St. According to tax records, the property is owned by Joseph and Doris Buffington of McKinley Rd. in Pike County.

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