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What does Christmas mean to you?

By Victor Calle What does Christmas mean to you? I know what it means to most of us: Presents, family getting together, exchanging gifts, friends coming over and bringing you a present and on and on. Really, what does Christmas mean to you? To me, many years ago when I was a young man it hurt me so much those memories still stick in my mind. This is the reason why I tell you my story about Christmas as a young man. I was born on Christmas Day, the sixth of seven boys. The baby was born three years later on Dec. 19. What does that have to do with you? Since my birthday was on Christmas Day, my family forgot it and later they realized it was Hugo’s (I was always called by my middle name) birthday. It was too late, my feelings were hurt already, so they came up with a great idea: Why we don’t celebrate on Julio’s birthday together? That is my baby brother. You know I was hurt and carried on for many years. Why am I telling you this? My Savior’s birthday is also on Dec. 25 and all we think about is giving each other gifts, getting together as family and exchanging gifts. Do you ever think Jesus will feel that Santa Claus is more important than him? He died to give us salvation. How will you feel if on your birthday we forget you and give you no gift at all? That is what we do on Christmas Day. Some even misspell or just do it on purpose so the name of the Savior is ignored by calling it Xmas, instead of Christmas which in Spanish is ‘more of Christ’ (mas de Cristo). Please let Jesus know and sing him a happy birthday song. God bless you all and have a merry Christmas with Jesus by your side. If you do not know him as your Savior, please just pray the following prayer: God forgive me of my sins. Jesus would you be my Lord and Savior? Thank you God for letting your Son die for my sins. Holy Spirit would you help in my new life with you and the Father and Son?

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