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What if Fauci lied?

From the very beginning there was something about Dr. Anthony Fauci that made me wonder. Something about him gave me pause. He just did not seem trustworthy.

Now it appears my gut instinct may have been correct. More and more people and sources are coming forth with assertions that Fauci lied multiple times. They include Sen. Ron Paul, Elon Musk and others.

It has been established that your taxpayer dollars funded gain of function research at the infamous virology lab in Wuhan, China. Occam’s Razor would tell you that the deadly virus leaked from that very lab where it was engineered and being toyed with. Taxpayer dollars were earmarked for the program through the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases which Fauci headed up.

Some of that money was routed through a program at the University of California Davis to Wuhan. Other monies were defense funds routed through military channels, according to detractors.

Thomas L. Knapp, director of The Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy penned these words. “(Fauci’s) extensive, undeniable and seemingly compulsive habit of lying is unworthy of defense from the White Houde or from anywhere else.”

So, what if these accusations are true? What if Fauci and his minions knew exactly where COVID came from because they were helping develop it? What if shutting down the US economy was completely unnecessary and saved no one?

What if closing schools and setting students back by years in their development saved no one. What if all the gloves and masks and hand sanitizer pushed on us saved no one? There are the brainwashed among us who are still wearing masks while walking outside or driving alone in their vehicles when masks, other than the seriously high-tech ones, make no difference at all?

COVID wiped out entire nursing homes in some areas. What if COVID was designed to rid communist China of the elderly who could no longer produce and was released intentionally to cull the herd?

What if?

Wouldn’t investigating this be more important than probing the so-called January 6 insurrection? Wouldn’t it be more important than the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop? More important than Trump-Russia election collusion allegations. More important than Hillary’s missing e-mails? More important than the war in Ukraine?

Fauci worked under presidents and leaders from both parties and apparently lied to them all.
Aren’t his actions worthy of a bi-partisan investigative effort to get to the bottom of all this?

Once upon a long time ago, Lamar County paid volunteer firefighters a modest fee for responding to fight fires. A rash of arson fires ensued and the man arrested was a firefighter who intentionally set fires to get the pay for fighting them.

If even half of what has come out about Fauci is true, he is no different than that firefighter. He got paid huge sums to create a deadly virus and then even larger sums to help fight it.

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. Maybe he will take it upon himself to get to the bottom of this. I doubt anyone else will!


  1. Jane Doe Jane Doe March 17, 2023

    LMAO… Geiger said, “Now it appears my gut instinct may have been correct.”

  2. March 22, 2023

    This is all well documented. I expect most people don’t bother to read anything beyond bits and bytes from their favorite sources or crazy personalities.

    What actually happened is our NIH funded a USA research group called Ecohealth to the tune of $3.7 million over several years. Over that period Ecohealth distributed $600,000 of that $3.7 million grant money to Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is true our NIH approved of that $600K disbursement.

    The truth problem occurs when we stretch this into some conspiracy beyond the facts. Our nation is full of liars on both sides of the aisle. It is well known extremist news channels, on both political sides, lie. We know, or we should know, popular talk show hosts regularly lie. The more they stir up their base, the more money they make. The more crazy politicians lie, the more their base loves them.

    I hope this crazy stuff stays away from here. Let it stay in Florida or New York, in Arizona or in Oregon. I hate to see crazy get encouraged here. If we want crazy, we can turn on one of the political “news” channels.

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