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When journalism goes post-print

With print journalism among the industries most impacted by the Internet, panelists at a Silicon Valley event Friday debated what possibilities are in store for the news business. Indeed, the Internet has brought about a revolution in how content is delivered and wreaked havoc on the traditional print ad business model. Panelists, with backgrounds at organizations like the Wall Street Journal and Google, recognized technology trends that could lead the way for journalism, such as e-reader devices like the Amazon Kindle as well as rich content versions of publications. They also pondered content delivery models including subscription-based Web publications and blogging. But where does leave the printed newspaper, the printed magazine, the validity or journalism and reporting and the jobs directly and indirectly impacted by print media? What do you prefer? If journalism went digital where would you get your news? Do you prefer online media or do you still enjoy the feeling of newsprint in your hands? GO!

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