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Where was Donna Johnson killed?

Investigators know where Donna Ogletree Johnson’s body was found. They know where her car was found ‘“ though many, if not all, believe that scene at the dumpster site was staged. What they don’t know is where she was tortured and killed. One man who contacted The Herald-Gazette last month thinks he knows. He has contacted the Lamar sheriff’s office to report his information to no avail. The informant has lived and worked here his entire life. He is convinced Donna was killed in a small trailer located on what is now a blueberry farm on Piedmont Road. He thinks the killers were two white males and, perhaps, a black man who hung out at the trailer with them. He claims to have first hand knowledge that the wife of one of the men came home to the small trailer the day Donna was found dead and found all the carpet in the dwelling had been removed. The husband explained that he had killed a deer and cleaned it inside the trailer. ’There is just no way you would kill a deer in the middle of July and then clean it inside with all the ticks and fleas and mess,’ the informant said. The man’s wife must have felt the same way. ’Three days later she moved to Missouri and nobody around here has seen her since,’ the source said. Before she could leave, the second of the source’s white male suspects moved to Alabama. After The Herald-Gazette series on the murder started, the source called the sheriff’s office and asked that an investigator be sent to hear his story. A few days later, an investigator arrived at his home. A family member called him and he passed on the information that he would be home in about 20 minutes. When he arrived, the investigator was gone. ’He said he would catch up with me later but he hasn’t. I don’t think they care. I really don’t think they want to solve this case,’ he said. The source was also familiar with The Mansion, the drug house featured in the August 24 installment of this series. ‘The Pike County sheriff was making money off that crack house and one of the Pike deputies was out there smoking dope all the time. He was black but he was going with one of the white girls that hung out there,’ he said. ’That’s how they stayed in business so long.’ Note: The Herald-Gazette has relayed the source’s name and contact information to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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