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Where’s Machine Gun Ronnie when we need him?

Machine Gun Ronnie Thompson was quite the character. The Augusta native was an Air Force vet and an accomplished gospel and country music singer who performed around the south. He moved to Macon where he became friends with Phil Walden of Capricorn Records, the members of the Allman Brothers Band and Otis Redding who was managed by Phil’s brother Alan Walden.

He released a country music album that was produced by James Brown. He and Brown had both grown up in Augusta and both shined shoes on the streets there but never met until both were in Macon.

Thompson got elected to the Macon city council and became that city’s first Republican mayor in 1968.
Racial unrest came to Macon and and Thompson supported the police and took hard line against rioters and looters.

In 1970, the Black Liberation Front planned a demonstration in Macon and Thompson, who opened the Macon city library to black citizens for the first time, issued his police officers a ‘shoot to kill’ order to combat the problem. Most of the would be demonstrators went on back to the house.

Shortly thereafter, he was patrolling the streets in a car with his police chief when an officer called in that he had been shot at by a sniper. They arrived on the scene and Thompson emptied a clip from a carbine into a building where the sniper supposedly was laid up.

No sniper was ever found but Thompson became known as Machine Gun Ronnie, a moniker he encouraged although he fired a carbine not a machine gun. He even posed for photos with a Thompson submachine gun.

The key here is he had the guts to issue a shoot to kill order. Think how useful such orders would be today.

A bunch of trust fund dirtbags form dungheaps like Portland and San Francisco have been protesting the Atlanta Police Department’s new training facility which they refer to as “cop city’. They say they want to save the forest and wildlife but, in reality, they hate police.

One of them fired at an officer and received somewhere north of 100 bullet wounds for his troubles.

Good riddance!

A simple shoot to kill order might have saved him. It certainly would have saved a heap of taxpayer money.

Shoot to kill orders could have multiple uses. Imagine if those “poor migrants’ moving through Mexico toward our border – those with new clothes, backpacks, plenty of bottled water and new cellphones – learned border agents had been authorized to shoot to kill. I imagine they would go on back to the house too.

But, none of our leaders have Machine Gun Ronnie’s intestinal fortitude.

And, that’s a shame!

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