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Where’s your secret spot?

Purchased by Gideon Barnes in 1826, the city of Barnesville has a rich legacy of agriculture, industry and quality of life. It has been the home of numerous factories and businesses as well as the stomping grounds for some of the Southeast’s most successful people. But it is the “hidden spots” that give buggy town it’s true charm. It’s the Railroad Village shacks, the downtown facades, the red clay masonry of Gordon college, the secrets of Carter’s Drugs, the architectural beauty of Thomaston Street, the mysticism of the Head family cemetery and the mural(s) of our history, that define us as a people. It is these very same landmarks though that often go unnoticed. We get too busy to stop and think about what a legacy our town offers. Each one of us has a ‘spot’ or a place we think is just the most breathtaking in all of town. For me it is the grass behind Aldora United Methodist Church. I love seeing the dawn break over the Continental Tire warehouse – men and women shuffling into their shift at the plant, wild turkeys playing in the grass and the breeze offered by the lone tree in the lot. In your opinion, what is THE spot? What is your spot? Take some time today to think about Barnesville and all it offers you. Take a photo. Email it to I’ll post it along with a brief explanation of the location. GO!

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