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Who makes what? Municipal, authority salaries listed.

This is the conclusion of a four part series on salaries of local officials and top managers. It should be noted that those asked at each entity have been fully cooperative in our efforts to research the material. MILNER ’¢ Milner mayor Joe Bostwick $1,000, travel $600. ’¢ Council members Betty Wilson, George Weldon, Fred Stephens and James Bevil, $500, $600 travel; ‘¢ Milner police chief Jake Sutton. $36,000; ‘¢ City administrator Harold Wilson, $14,400. INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY ’¢ Industrial Development Authority board members receive no pay or travel expenses. They are chairman Raleigh Henry, vice chair Phillip Bell, treasurer Robbie Tenney, Kenneth Roberts, Jimmy Lyons, Bill Claxton, Cheryl Idol and Wayne Patterson. ’¢ IDA Director Missy Kendrick, $80,000. IDA monies come from both Barnesville and Lamar County. WATER AUTHORITY ’¢ Chairman Wesley Wilson, $600. ’¢ Members Jimmy Hearn, Reggie Watson, James Parker and Jason Kidd, $420 per year. ‘¢ General manager Amberly Ferris, $45,202.50. The water authority is supported solely by user fees. SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY ’¢ Contracted director Johnny Poore, $75,000. ’¢ Office manager Becky Eason, $40,400 ‘¢ Board members Joe Bostwick, chairman and Mayor of Milner (17 years), Milner city manager Harold Wilson (17 years), Lamar County commissioner George Brown (7.75), commissioner Nancy Thrash (1.75 years), and former Milner councilwoman Francis Manry (17 years) $1,200 per year. The SWA is supported solely by user fees.

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