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Who makes what?: Public salaries listed

By Sherri Ellington The Herald Gazette periodically reviews the salaries of elected officials and administrators of Lamar County, Barnesville, Milner and the board of education. Current salaries for 2013 are as follows: Salaries of all Lamar County school administrators have been impacted by calendar reduction (furlough) days, lowering overall salaries by $26,573. They are as follows: Central office: Superintendent Dr. Bill Truby, $126,844.09; part time deputy superintendent Cleve Hendrix, $51,939.12; assistant superintendent for teaching and learning Norma Greenwood, $86,681; human resources director Sherelle Ogletree, $50,809; finance director Sandy Studle, 56,388.80; school nutrition director Sharon Manley, $44,843.20; special education director Shannon Reeder, $72,913.05; maintenance director Bill Baker, $57,281.60; and transportation director Tommy Glisson, $27,211.20. School administrators: Primary school principal Mark Davis, $73,904.58; elementary school principal Dr. Andrea Scandrett, $96,463.95; middle school principal Dr. Julia Steele, $97,413.95; high school principal Derek Austin, $115,031.79; primary school assistant principal Dr. Treesomia Walker, $80,354.08; elementary school assistant principal Waylon Knight, $76,058.84; middle school assistant principal Jeremy Hawkins, $72,325.53; and high school assistant principals Dr. Todd Shipp, $85,065.71, and Laura Standard, $77,058.84. Salaries of Lamar County administrators, including constitutional (elected) officers whose salaries are set by the state, have remained the same for several years. State-set cost of living raises were frozen in 2009, which was the last year the county gave them. The salaries include: Commissioners: James R. Matthews, $6,426; Van Baker $4,200.65; Bennie Horton, $5,855.64; Charles Glass, $5,600.87; and Nancy Thrash, $5,740.89. Administrators and department heads: Administrator Robert Zellner, $60,000; voter registrar Anita Reid, $28,845.70; chief appraiser Jeannie Haddock, $52,000; fire station project manager Tripp Morgan, $31,616; fire chief Stephen Andrews, $11,527; emergency management director Billy Campbell, $12,240; public works director James Rigdon, $42,000; senior center director Marcia Johnston-Clark, $28,559.96; recreation director Buddy Lanier, $43,999.80; building and zoning administrator Danny Gunter, $40,800.50; and code enforcement officer Wimpy Vaughn; $39,790.40. Constitutional officers: Tax commissioner Andrea Anthony, $57,438.04; clerk of superior court Frank Abbott, $87,312.92; chief magistrate judge William Thomas, $55,182.28, probate court judge Kathy Martin, $71,664.42; sheriff Bradley White, $61,215.53; and coroner Jim Smith, $3,816.44; Lamar County also budgeted $206,624 for superior court, $95,770 for the public defender and $15,900 for drug court, monies which are disbursed by the Towaliga Judicial District. ‘The court system is part of a circuit that consists of Lamar, Monroe and Butts counties. Each county is responsible for a third of the budget,’ said county administrator Bob Zellner. ‘They have a court administrator who handles the budget. Within that circuit is where the three budget are separated. They bill us quarterly for each separate department. This budget is for the circuit only. The Clerk of Superior Court is totally funded through the county.’ City of Barnesville Barnesville salaries as of the 2013 budget include: Mayor and council: Mayor Peter Banks, $2,400 salary and $3,600 travel; Mayor pro tem Christopher Hightower, $1,800 salary and $3,300 travel; council members Anne Claxton, Sonny Shropshire, Mark Stone and Neal Devane, $1,500 salary and $3,300 travel each. Department heads: City manager Kenny Roberts, $116,051 salary, $3,600 travel; city clerk Carolyn Parker, $63,419; police chief Chuck Keadle, $63,419; electrical superintendent Glen Allen, $60,098; public works director Jason Shirey, $63,419 including management of the water and wastewater contractor operations; fire chief Steve Andrews, $59,994; recycling manager Randy Matthews, $50,437; building and code enforcement officer David Rose, $56,843; water and sewer superintendent Chris Callahan $54,447; and civic center manager Felicia Vereen, $45,803. Milner: Each Milner city council member ‘“ Betty Wilson, George Weldon, Fred Stephens, Bridget Fouts and James Bevil ‘“ gets $500 a year and Mayor Joe Bostwick makes $1,000. City administrator Harold Wilson makes $18,800 and police chief Jake Sutton is paid $36,900.

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