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Who will they turn to?

By William Smith Some of the vilest people I have known are those so called elitist liberals who try to manipulate the masses in an effort to obtain political power. The means of this manipulation is not to advance society but to degrade it. Their plan is to degrade the social and economic system to a point where they can use this ‘so called crisis’ as a means to call for government intervention. Remember Rahm Emanuel; ‘Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste’. The problem with this strategy is the possibility of degradation to a point of no return. To these people it doesn’t matter, they are willing to pull the temple down over his/her head destroying themselves and civilization in the process. Do you see this happening today? These self appointed intellectual’s attain their sense of value by directing other people’s lives in an effort to produce a population more dependent on government. They do so by enabling and electing a leftist political party or candidate into a position of influence and power. This ‘elitist, leftist, media’ alliance feels superfluous and uncared for when people are competent to manage their own affairs. That is why liberals and leftist strive to influence the populace to abandon reason and logic. In this way they can create a false ideology that can then be manifested into a ‘cult political religion’ thus creating and indoctrinating a ‘belligerent entitlement class’. The paradigm of this ‘cult political religion’ is to categorize all people into economic, social and racial classes. The most hated entity of the left is the ‘individual’! The left loathes individuals, they want groups and classes! It is this group mentality that is problematic for blacks in America, some feel that they are black first and only secondly an individual. Once a segment of the population embraces this group mentality, the left will then use emotions and false empathy to deceit the uneducated and moral degenerates into thinking the choices people make in their lives are not the cause of their despicable environment. The Leftist propaganda machine begins by portraying these groups as victims, and manipulating them into blaming others for their victimization. They are told that the only recourse for their dire circumstance is through government intervention. With a large portion of the population now feeling falsely victimized, votes can be accrued by promising additional government handouts. Essentially they are buying votes from the entitlement class. As the entitlement class grows the economy of a nation can be adversely affected, but that’s what the left wants. An adverse economy creates more class envy. This ideology is designed to punish the producers and reward the false victims by means of wealth redistribution, thus eroding the economy further. This is where a liberal’s paradigm is exposed as an unreal religion. It is the religion of elitist liberals who assume the right to force the mind of others, and unfortunately it is the moral degenerates who are allowing them. I’m afraid that most Americans are becoming the latter. The left would like nothing better than to see millions of people marching with the banner of this cult political religious ideology leading the way. To a liberal, the most selfish of all things is the individual ‘mind’ that recognizes no truth higher than its own. They want you to sacrifice your mind, in favor of becoming a slave of the state. A liberal would say that people do not need morality. But it is morality that they need most. Let the entitlement class claim, when there are no more taxpayers to pay for it, that food will magically appear on the kitchen table without cause or effort, or that they have a right to a house. When Reality comes crashing down on them, who will they turn to? This is the question we all need to be asking. When there are no more taxpayers, no more government handouts, and no more food on store shelves. Who will they turn to!!!! Some Americans know the answer to this. Why do you think firearm and ammunition sales have increased dramatically? Reality will show the entitlement class that life is a value to be bought and that working and producing is the only currency noble enough to buy it.

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