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Never have you met a sweeter Vidalia

A chocolate Labrador retriever named Vidalia and her puppy companion found themselves locked up in the Barnesville animal control shelter. Their owner Joseph Murphy Jr. did not know Barnesville had an animal shelter, but he had Vidalia microchipped some years ago. That little chip saved both dogs. Josh Humphrey from animal control scanned Vidalia and got the chip number. It was relayed to volunteers at the Dolly Goodpuppy Society who found the chip was registered to Murphy. ’It took a little work to find him because he had forgotten to update his contact information when he moved here from the Lovejoy area,’ said Pat Peurifoy of the society. ‘Dolly used her computer skills to find a relative who informed the Murphys their dogs were being held in animal control.’ Dogs that go to animal control are scanned and owners are notified. ’Animal control officers love to return dogs to their owners,’ Peurifoy said. ‘Microchips provide permanent identification that can’t be lost and also provide proof of ownership.’ The Dolly Goodpuppy Society recently held a microchip clinic to make permanent identification available to the community at an affordable price. ’There’s never any guarantee a lost pet will be returned to its owner but a microchip really increases the chance for a safe return,’ she said.

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